Clickable link posting code

Here is the posting code. Where it says web address type in the web address between the quotes you want to point to. Where it says your message type in what you want your link to say there. Then copy and paste the code into your post in the appropriate spot for the wording.

<a href="website address here"target=new> what you want to say here </a>

Let's say you want to point to 123 stitch and have the link say 123stitch is a great website.   It would look like this before you post then when you hit submit it will be a clickable link.

<a href=""target=new> 123 stitch is a great site </a>

If you want to practice the posting code to make sure it works then you can use


  1. Thank you so much!!!! I can do loads of things but I never got the hang of the blue link thingy!


  2. Thank you Mary, have book marked your site and used the html code today :)